What are Tiddler Sessions?

On selected events, days and venues Tiny Town Play will be inviting just those role play fans aged between one and 2.5 years to play. We will still have a maximum of 25 children playing at these sessions, but the sessions will be on offer for a slightly smaller and younger age bracket.
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Why are you running slightly younger sessions only occasionally?

Some children in this age bracket love to role play but often find the older children age 3-5 can be naturally more independent and confident. Therefore there may sometimes be less opportunities for the younger children to play independently and select what they would like to explore with confidence.

We do value the importance of children interacting with children of varied ages. However we like to acknowledge requests for all children to come and play and feel comfortable doing so.

What if I have more than one child and they're different ages?

You are very welcome to attend our Tiddler sessions with your children. But please do bear in mind that the majority of visitors will be of a younger age and have chosen to come to that particular session.

We therefore request that any older children are supervised a little more when playing around the younger ones.

We'd recommend that those with siblings of differing ages attend the usual mixed age events.
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We recognise and understand that every child is unique and that they all play differently regardless of age. Here at Tiny Town Play we are committed to providing a safe, fun space for everyone to enjoy.

By providing occasional Tiddler sessions, those less confident children can explore the town with those their own age and build their confidence to join the mixed sessions at a later stage. In order to learn from the older children's language, interactions and imagination.

Let's Play

Tiny Town Play is a place where your little ones can dress up and get into character through imaginative play.

"Logic will get you from A to Z, imagination will get you everywhere."
- Einstein

What is Tiny Town Play?

We are Cambridgeshire's only fully mobile, locally and independently owned, miniature town! Tiny Town Play offers local children the opportunity to play at being hairdressers, police officers, serve in cafes, dress-up and of course, go shopping with equipment and toys us parents couldn’t fit into our own living rooms.

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