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Tiny Town Play Loyalty Card

We have a Tiny Town Play Loyalty card which you will be given on the first session you attend. Please remember to bring your card to every visit and it will be stamped per child that attends, at the end of each session.

Once you have collected all six stamps on your card. One child can attend one session free of charge, at an agreed future date.

Once your card is full please hand it in at your next session and a new loyalty card will be issued.

tiny town loyalty cards
Tony town gift voucher

Tiny Town Play Gift Vouchers

A great idea for a unique Birthday or Christmas gift, every preschooler (and parent!) will love. Tiny Town Play Gift vouchers can be any denomination of your choice and are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Please ask for more information at your next session, or email for an electronic version to be emailed to you.

Let's Play

Tiny Town Play is a place where your little ones can dress up and get into character through imaginative play.

"Logic will get you from A to Z, imagination will get you everywhere."
- Einstein

What is Tiny Town Play?

We are Cambridgeshire's only fully mobile, locally and independently owned, miniature town! Tiny Town Play offers local children the opportunity to play at being hairdressers, police officers, serve in cafes, dress-up and of course, go shopping with equipment and toys us parents couldn’t fit into our own living rooms.

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